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"God is Spirit, and those who worship him

must worship in Spirit and Truth."  John 4:24

424 is an opportunity for students grow in our knowledge

and understanding of the Catholic Faith and our

prayer and worship of God.

424 includes topics in faith, morality, prayer, lives of the saints, Catholic traditions and customs, as well as answering questions students have about the Catholic Faith

and how to live our Catholic Faith

in a culture that makes it very difficult to do so.

A typical 424 event begins with Mass, followed by dinner, a presentation, opportunity for small group discussion, and closes with an invitation to spend pray a 

Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration,

during which time the Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered.  

Our hope is that through 424 and by God's grace, like the Samaritan woman, WKU students will grow in their love for Jesus Christ and their desire to worship Him in both Spirit and in Truth. 

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